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Moscow Nights is dedicated to the presentation and preservation of the best of Russian culture. Moscow Nights is a dynamic force bringing the riches of Russian culture to Louisiana audiences.


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~ Our Mission ~

Moscow Nights is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization dedicated to the appreciation of Russian culture through festivals, theater, dance, music and educational programs. We are a dynamic force bringing the riches of Russian culture to Louisiana audiences. 

Based in the Greater Metropolitan New Orleans area since 1999, we bring the spirit of internationalism to Louisiana audiences, adding another cultural layer to the vibrant mix of local cultural celebrations.


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  Click here to view images from Mar-April 2013, "Cinderella"


  Click here to view images from February 14, 2011, "I Take Your Hand in Mine"


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~ Our History ~

In 1880, Russia’s Grand Duke Alexei visited Louisiana. Perhaps the highlight of this trip was the moment this real blueblood bowed down to the Kings of the New Orleans Carnival.

At that moment, Russian culture touched a people with a strong presence and a vibrant personality all their own.

Well over 100 years later, Moscow Nights, Inc. continues that grand tradition started by the celebrated son of Tsar Alexander II, adding a bit of Russian excitement to an area well known for French, Spanish, Sicilian, and African traditions.

Moscow Nights is a non-profit 501(c)(3) arts organization in the greater New Orleans area that is dedicated to enlightening audiences on various aspects of Russian and Eastern European culture. Through it's activities, Moscow Nights provides both Russians and non-Russians alike with artistic performances and intellectual programs that bring a bit of Russian culture to a Louisiana audience.

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