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Moscow Nights continues our Cultural Educational program series featuring Russia's Cultural Masters ... with our upcoming theatrical presentation entitled:

Mikhail Afanasyevich Bulgakov
~ His Life, His Works & His Legacy ~

This upcoming cultural educational theatrical presentation introduces to American audiences Russian Literary and Theatrical Playwright Master Mikhail Bulgakov ~ proverbially-speaking ...

"The right man in all of the wrong places at all of the wrong times"

His works are well ahead of their times; blending real life with fantasy oft times described as wildly outrageous ~ even frightening by his closest circle of friends who attended his secret reading of his completed work: "The Master and Margarita"

Featured in our upcoming presentation is an extract from this globally-renowned book written and edited over a decade during which Stalin takes a personal interest in protecting Bulgakov the man ~ while simultaneously tormenting him by allowing the Soviet "party and state" to publicly attack his theater works ...


~ A Goal Achieved! ~

  Tuesday The 2nd Of May 2017 

A Communique From The Board of Directors
Executives Of Moscow Nights

GiveNOLA 2017 ended at midnight on Tuesday past ~ and thanks to the generosity of our many donors, its a major success for Moscow Nights!

Our donors helped us not only meet our stated financial goal ~ we actually exceeded that goal!

From all of us to all of you; our heartfelt sincerest thanks!


~ Moscow Nights Presents 2016 ~

Moscow Nights Presents completed a magnificent Musical Theater Concert program entitled:

In our program, we focused on performances of two types of songs that arose on the Second World War's "Eastern Front".

The first group of songs are Russian songs that were popular throughout the Soviet Union during the Second World War, songs familiar even today to every Russian ~ but not well known abroad. 

The second group of songs we look forward to presenting are Jewish songs that were written and performed in the wartime Jewish Ghettos from Warsaw to Vilnius ~ and ~ songs written and performed among Jewish Partisan Units that resisted the Nazi Armies.

Our world renowned Singers and Master Musicians performing in our program are (in alphabetic order):

~ Aelita ~



~ Boris Fogel ~

Master Pianist


~ John Joyce ~



~ Natasha O. Ramer ~



~ Theresa Tova ~



~ Vadim Kolpakov ~

Master Russian 7-String Guitarist

We staged our program on:


Natasha O. Ramer Joins The Lineup Of Stars
Honoring The Great Rada

Moscow Nights' Artistic Director Natasha O. Ramer joined Via Roman in a Benefit Event honoring a legendary performer of Russian romances and Gypsy songs, theatre and film actress Rada Volshaninova.

The event became a unique opportunity to see world renowned Rada Volshaninova live in concert.

Honored Artist of RUSSIA ~ the legendary performer of Russian romances and Gypsy songs, theater and film actress , who participated in the films:

«Queen of the Gypsies» «The Brothers Karamazov» «Dangerous Tour»

Rada Volshaninova and the Russian-Gypsy ensemble «Via Romen» under Artistic Director Vadim Kolpakov.

The performance was staged at the:

Hollywood Art Center
1770 Monroe Street
Hollywood, Florida 33020-5539

Tel: 954.604.8838


Moscow Nights Presents
William E. Wade Jr.'s

We are proud to say that Moscow Nights' presentation of Facade was a tremendous success. 

Efforts to gather crowds were hugely successful and both performances took place in front of packed audiences.  Artistic Director Natasha Ramer produced a moving performance, from every degree, to tell this beautiful and gentle story of a family coping with grief.

The book's author William Wade, Jr. and his family were in attendance at the second performance at Rayne United Methodist Church.

And the initiative helped raise significant proceeds for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Louisiana Chapter.  Overall, we consider this play to have been a huge success:  both artistically and by contributions to the community.


~ Natasha Oguy-Ramer ~
"It Was Very Hard Not To Engage In Theatre
When I Came To America!"

With the heroine of this publication, I was fortunate enough to meet at last year's Festival "Spring In Melikhovo", where she delivered her New Orleans performance based on Carol Rocamora's
"I Take Your Hand In Mine!" I Take Your Hand in Mine»)

Touching, quiet, guided by the love of spectacle, A. P. Chekhov involving the writer himself and his wife, O. L. Knipper-Chekhova, like many Melikhovo viewers and sparked a lively interested exchanges.

Having acquainted closer with the Director, I learned that Natasha Oguy-Ramer first half of his life lived in the USSR, graduated course Knebel's directorial M. O. in GITIS, put performances in different cities of the Soviet Union and still no interrupts the creative links with their homeland.

Having emigrated in the year 1982 in the United States, she became actively promote Russian culture: literature, music, theatre, and later for the same purpose, established the non-profit charitable organization "Moscow Nights" in New Orleans.

Natasha and her husband Professor Sam Ramer is open, friendly, enthusiastic and very young people — revised, probably all the performances of the Festival "Spring In Melikhovo" and literally radiate joy of communicating with the creativity of the beloved writer.

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